Polar 360 offers various services that can be combined or contracted as single interventions based on the specific needs of the establishment.

Straight forward approach and easy format allow time to be optimized as it is precious and sometimes there is just not enough of it.

Below is a sample of the different formulas and services:

  • Establishment Start-up
  • Regular Follow up
  • Quality Control
  • Custom Training Manuals
  • Training Sessions & Workhops
  • Sales & Marketing Actions
  • Online Reputation Management and Positioning
  • Mystery Shopper

A 3-step process in order to assess the situation is crucial to go straight to the point and select the right actions to achieve established goals

  1. An initial meeting with owners is scheduled to discuss thoroughly the actual situation of the business and understand the specific needs
  2. A mystery shopper visit to the establishment will be carried out and exhaustive research of online position and reputation will be performed
  3. A tailor-made action plan is devised and presented to proprietors for evaluation and acceptance