What is POLAR 360

Polar 360 is a hospitality consulting firm that provides an array of tools and services to private, small to mid-sized hotels and restaurants, to assure a smooth running of every aspect of their business and better the overall results.

Realistic solutions, based on the actual necessities of the establishment. Personalized service, bringing in extensive experience acquired in over 18 years in the industry around the world.

Regardless the category of the establishment, every single person that crosses those doors expects good service. Good product and service are key to the success of any hospitality or catering business. Succeeding in the industry is the result of consistent effort made day after day; there is no shortcut for that. Decoration, location, added values etc. are indeed contributing factors but what builds fidelity and attracts new business is the consistency in delivering a great customer experience and presenting a quality product. At the same time, effective administration must be assured in order to optimize resources, keep and maintain costs under control.

Introducing and following a structured work system, based on a series of best practices, will spark a chain reaction that will affect the atmosphere, the staff morale and the quality of service. All this translates into an enhancement of the guest experience, increasing positive reputation and incrementing incomes, which will ultimately lead to an increase of benefits.